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I have been working Web Developer for over 10 years. I like to combine designing architectures, creating user interfaces and web animations, creating development tools, and product development.

I like to share knowledge. Summary I taught 6 courses of basics HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I like reviewing the teammates' code and helping them.

I am an author of small open-source projects. Started YouTube channel with master classes and thoughts about modern web problematic.

TypeScript, @user JavaScript, @another React, Node.js@not, CSS, HTML, PostCSS, Git

Employment History

  1. Frontend Developer at Innova, Moscow
    Created architecture and developed indoor products for company:
    • Library for providing purchase methods on external landings
    • Library for collecting and analysing users behaviour
  2. Full Stack Developer at Typomania design school, Moscow
    volunteer since 2019
    Created full-stack solution for videoclips competition. Besides frontend, I developed backend written on php, with Amazon services (S3, CloudFront, SNS, SES), and YouTube API integration.
  1. Frontend Developer at DMTEL, Moscow.
    Created an MVP service for analysing telecom traffic, designed the project architecture from scratch. Special device analyses traffic and stores it in database and specific data formats, and web application provides access to data via tables, graphics, charts, pdf reports, search with autocompletion.
  2. Web Developer at Long Cat, Saransk.
    Developed an MVP service where educational institutions could post reports and documents. The service provides simple hosting by subscription for schools and kindergartens with common information, news, teaching staff, documents and reports. Designed and developed backend and frontend: public side and administration side.
  3. Web Developer at Internet House, Saransk.
    Created websites for local companies. Created markup and integrations with CMS. Developed web application for city administration for managing government program of housing people. Before it was four denormalised no-syncronised databases from four city districts. I designed normalised centralised database and migrations. Developed user interface for managing records.


Specialist, Ogarev Mordovia State University
Specialist degree in math methods and information security software.